Sainet provides, on a wholesale basis, full and half Saix circuits. Full Circuits includes local and international Internet access directly to the client’s premises. SAIX Half Circuits provides cost effective access connect customer sites to the Sainet Core network located in the Teraco data centre environments. Half circuit data is then transit to the partner’s network. 


Benefits of a Diginet Circuit:

  • Largest National Footprint for service provisioning
  • X21 handoff to customer premises
  • Optional router rental
  • Optional International 1:1 Internet Access
  • Managed portal for order tracking, sales support and technical support
  • Remote office VPN access
  • Can also be used for internet access (browsing) or
  • High quality VOIP access medium
  • Minimum 1024Kbs speeds and up to 1984Kbs


  • Inter branch connectivity
  • Internet Bandwidth
  • Carried Quality Voice Over IP
  • Low cost half circuit

For more information and a tailored quote, please email sales@sainet.co.za